Kurio Tab 2: A Comprehensive Product Specification Review

Kurio Tab 2

The Kurio kids tablet is a family-focused device that gives parents many control and monitoring options. With a myriad of device options for families to choose from, it may be difficult to find the right balance of affordability and features.

The Kurio 2 kids tablet is like many Android tablets. It is full of features, has built-in apps and access to over three million apps on the Google Play Store. Priced affordably, it is not a perfect device, but it hits the mark on many of the most important features that are a parent's priority for safe technology.

Devices like smartphones and tablets have changed the way people learn and enjoy entertainment. Ever since the advent of touchscreen devices a decade ago an entire generation of kids have grown up familiar with swiping screens, tapping games, and watching videos on the go.

Some parents give kids a full-featured tablet or an old android device, such as a retired smartphone, and check in on usage after the fact. Maybe they scan browser histories or check to see which apps have been downloaded and played. For many devices, this type of retrospective monitoring is all that is possible. It's far from ideal, though. A family tablet, like the Kurio kids tablet, arms parents with intelligent controls to limit use for safety.

Tablets as Learning Tools

Educators advocate for the use of tablets in childhood learning. Touchscreens are fun and straightforward to use. Kids can incorporate almost any school subject into a game-like environment on a tablet. The real benefit of tablets in education, however, is not solely found in the technology's ease of use.

Tablets open children to a world of information, providing answers and insight in ways that traditional learning cannot. The internet and mobile apps can be frightening, though. With a family tablet like the Kurio kids tablet, children can safely navigate vast information with parent-monitored controls.

Kurio Products

Kurio Kids Tablet with Android 4.0 - 7-Inch 4 GB
  • control when and how long kids can use it
  • define which type of websites can be accessed
  • define which type of apps can be accessed

Kurio makes a focused product line of family tablets, cameras, and smartwatches. The brand name is not as well-known as other tablet manufacturers — the company is commonly incorrectly identified as Kiro instead of Kurio — but the Kurio kids tablet is solidly built and based on the popular Android operating system.

These devices are all marketed as child safe. The Kurio kids tablet is designed for children, both visually and under the hood. Many models come with shock bumper cases, too. These covers help fend off the all-too-common dropped and broken device syndrome.

Beyond the brightly colored exterior, Kurio products are chock full of serious technology. Potent performance keeps kids from complaining about slow games and video, and Kurio helps parents control what kids see online and within apps. Technology can be scary, Kurio helps give parents peace of mind.

All About the Kurio Kids Tablet -- Next

The latest Kurio kids tablet is the Next model. It has a 7-inch screen and has a 16 GB storage capacity. It combines typical tablet features with family controls and a kid-friendly build at a reasonable price.

An Android tablet, with a kid-friendly build

The Next is Kurio's lone tablet product for 2018. It is an Android tablet, running version 6.0, or "Marshmallow." The tablet's screen comes with a blue light filter that eases eye strain. It has a fairly standard tablet form factor.

Wrap it in the enclosed bumper, and you'll protect it from drops and give it a more child-friendly look. The covers come in either blue or pink. It looks like any other tablet on the market on the outside, but the differences appear when you power up the device.

Kurio's smart filters

On top of its Android OS interface, users will see a prominent tab for Kurio's propriety control and filtering environment. Kurio's intelligent controls allow parents to customize app and content filters in several ways.

First, Kurio introduces a unique system that filters categorize and updates almost two billion sites every day. The system has several pre-defined filters, or parents can tailor the ideal app and browsing environment for their children.

Parents can also add blocked sites easily. This flexibility is a critical component of Kurio's technology because the Next tablet is intended to grow with your children. As kids mature, the content that is available to them can be adjusted.

Up to eight users make it a device for the whole crew

If you're wondering how the Next's user interface works with children of multiple ages under one roof, Kurio thought of that, too. The Next allows up to eight separate user logins. Your youngest can enjoy a tablet experience geared towards elementary learning, while your teenager can watch age-appropriate videos.

Time limits help families develop responsible device habits

The maturity level of content is not the sole consideration for creating a managed tablet environment. Sometimes parents want to limit games to a certain amount of time each day. With its App Management System, the Next allows parents to decide which apps kids can use. Parents can set these limits per user, so each child has its personalized parameters. Parents can dial-in time controls individually for play applications — such as games or web browsing — and for learning programs.

Most importantly, the Next tablet is good to go right out of the box. It's pre-loaded with over 60 of the most popular, kid-friendly apps. Like any Android device, the Next also connects with the Google Play Store, so new apps are easy to add to the tablet. The tablet also has a quick connection to the KIDOZ selection of curated family apps.

Kurio kids tablet pricing and availability

The Next is affordable. Price ranges from $70 to $130, including a bumper cover and charger. You can buy a Kurio kids tablet online at Amazon, Jet, Target, and Walmart.

These tablets sometimes are difficult to find. Some online outlets only sell older models. Make sure that you know the exact model that you are buying because prior models do not have the same features as the Next.

Comparison with Other Tablets

Family tablets are a growing section of the personal technology market. Popular full-feature tablets, such as Apple's iPad, Microsoft's Surface, and High-end Android tablets can be too costly for family use. Families don't need all of the features that come with an iPad pro. A simple machine that runs apps and streams video is sufficient.

However, Kurio is certainly not alone in the family tablet market. There are entry-level tablets and other models specifically designed and branded for children.

Review methodology

In reviewing the Kurio kids tablet and comparing with other models, we collected and compared industry news, manufacturer data and user reviews from actual shoppers. We noted positives and negatives and looked for patterns to give a more well-rounded overview of the tablet.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7" Display, 16 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case
  • Up to $129 in savings on Fire 7 tablet, 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and a Kid-Proof Case, versus items...
  • Not a toy, a full-featured Fire 7 tablet with a 7" IPS display, 16 GB internal storage, and up to 8 hours of mixed-use...
  • The included 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited gives your kids access to over 20,000 popular apps and games, videos, books,...

Amazon's popular and inexpensive Fire line of tablets are well-regarded by users. Even without child-specific branding, a Fire tablet is an excellent choice for a family tablet.

Like the Kurio Next, Amazon's family tablet adds parental controls and curated kid's app availability. Likewise, the Fire 7 Kids is visually similar to the Kurio Next. The Fire 7 Kids Tablet also has a 7-inch screen, 16 GB memory, and a rubberized kid cover. Its Fire OS is a rebranding of an Android version.

A chorus of almost 10,000 user reviews praises the Fire 7 Kids tablet. Prices range from $70 to $90.

NABI NBTY07SMKG 7 Kids Tablet- Black/Red
  • The nabi SE 7 inch Tablet provides a world of creative play and personalized learning for kids, and peace of mind for...
  • Build confidence and passion for learning with kid-friendly, parent-approved, Wings Learning System - gamified...
  • Featuring over 300,000 questions and 16,000 lessons for grades Pre-K through 6

Nabi was one of the first manufacturers to market directly to families needing a tablet solution. The Nabi Dreamtab is a solid product from a reputable company, but it is pricey for what you get.

It runs an earlier version of Android, which means that not every app your child likes will work. Other than the operating system, the Nabi is almost identical to the Kurio kids tablet, except for its slightly larger 8-inch screen.

Some users liked its kid-centric format, while others complained about shoddy construction and system failure. Priced from $100 to $150.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids 7"; 8 GB Wifi Tablet (White)...
  • Bring your kids the educational content you trust from DreamWorks Animation, Sesame Street, National Geographic and more
  • Your kids can explore a variety of engaging Samsung Kids content that aligns with STEM andCommon Core curriculum....
  • Set time and select app categories for your kids and monitor their progress on the dashboard

Samsung makes high-quality smartphones, Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets. Its Galaxy Tab E Lite is a small tablet aimed at the family market.

Samsung adds STEM and other educational content, such as Common Corea, to its tablet. With only 8 GB of storage, however, you'll likely need to use an SD card to save pictures and other data.

Reviews of this tablet are mixed. Some praise Samsung's build quality. Others complain about the tablet's lack of features. Prices range from $100 to $150.

Pros and Cons of the Kurio Kids Tablet

Compared with some of its popular competition, the Kurio kids tablet is an overall good deal for the price. Its proprietary filtering is unique, but its quality and customer support strengths are less established.


  • Priced much less than the competition
  • Features unique filtering abilities
  • Permits up to eight users
  • List ElemComes with Android 6.0 for a more up-to-date user experienceent


  • Not as popular as more established brands
  • Uncertain support as the tablet does connect directly to support through an integrated app
  • Availability can be scarce
  • Some users indicated that the SD card reader caused performance issues


While the Kurio Next kids tablet provides a family tablet environment at a low price, it may be worth a small increase in cost to step up to the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet. Amazon's support is one of its strong points, the technology is almost identical, and nearly 10,000 users back the product. Consequently, it seems that the extra $10 to $20 for an Amazon Fire is well worth the investment. Finally, it may even be possible to find a deal and get an Amazon for the same price or cheaper.


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