Cozmo Bot

Anki Cozmo Bot Detailed Product Review

The Anki Cozmo bot has its own personality and is very smart that not only makes it an educational toy, but a friend to your kids.
Sphero Ollie Robot

Sphero Ollie Robot: A Great Robot for Your Children

If you’re looking for a fun, interactive gift with some technical flair to it for your little one, you might consider the Sphero Ollie...
Osmo Genius Kit Game System for iPad

Osmo Genius Kit Game System for iPad: Hope or Hype?

As a parent and former teacher, I'm naturally suspicious of screen-based "edutainment" systems like the Osmo Genius Kit Game System for iPad. Instinct tells...
ematic funtab

Ematic FunTab: A Comprehensive Product Review

Ematic has created a tablet experience that caters to your child's curious minds: the Ematic FunTab. This device is specially designed for kids.
Primo Cubetto Playset

Primo Cubetto Playset: Reviewing the Toy That Teaches Coding

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to teach your children how to code? The Primo Cubetto Playset does just that. With this toy,...