Hi, I’m Tyler-Jay Boyle, and I’m the Chief Editor here at Kid Tech World.

Growing up, I was obsessed with technology. At first, it was a fun hobby — I’d try to take apart the latest gizmos to learn what made them tick. My curiosity led me to pursue a computer science degree and to work in tech for several years. Now, my passion lies in helping people make sensible technology choices for their kids. Tech is fun, but it can also be highly enriching. Looking back I realize how technology can not only support education; it jumpstarts childhood learning that can have a lifelong impact.

There’s much more to this site than my words; Kid Tech World is run by an entire team of like-minded educational technology enthusiasts. Together we combine information on the latest learning trends with the hottest kid-centric gadgets.  Our mission is to help parents and educators find the best educational technology products for their needs. Whether it is a review of the top new kid-centric tablets, a buying guide for educational software, or just some information about some fun games and puzzles, we do the heavy lifting. We wade through hundreds of consumer and professional reviews to narrow the information to the most helpful. This gives you more time to connect with your kids and students, and less time doing research.

Whether you are an experienced educator or a parent trying to make the best choice for your child, we welcome you to our site and our community, and we hope you find our resources helpful! We’d love to hear from you, whether that’s in a comment on one of our posts or a private message to our team.