Lenovo Tab 4, 8 Inch Tablet Review: Everything You Need to Know

lenovo tab 4 8 inch

​http://kidtechworld.com/sam-labs-science-museum-inventor-kit/​​​As a parent, getting your child to focus on schooling, engage in their classwork, and doing their homework without a built-in "reward" system may seem like a challenge. Technologies, such as the Lenovo Tab 4, 8-inch tablet has dramatically impacted the way children learn, retain information, and their engagement and enjoyment of learning. Here's where electronic devices like tablets are a great learning mechanism, especially for young children whose minds are like sponges and can easily retain information. If you've been looking for a viable solution to intrigue your kids, look no further than electronics, gaming, and teaching apps.

It can be challenging to understand just what it takes to get your child to enjoy learning. And some subjects make it tough for even the most engaged child want to focus in on their work. Technology integration, gaming apps, and natural educational materials in the Lenovo Tab 4, 8-inch tablet might be just what you're looking for as a parent.

About Lenovo

Lenovo has an extensive range of tablets, computers, laptops, and electronic devices available for educational and entertainment purposes. The company was founded in 1984, in Beijing, China, and has since led the retail market in consumer electronic goods. Initially entering the PC market, Lenovo has recently become a worldwide electronic brand in the consumer electronics market. In recent years the company has launched servers, notebooks, and the ever-popular Lenovo-Thinkpad convertible tablet series.

Because of its reputation, consumers can rely on the quality they'll receive when purchasing from the brand. Pairing this with educational apps will further enhance their desirability to learn and focus on their studies. Quality, innovation, stellar configurations, and performance-capabilities, are some of the distinct characteristics which set the brand apart from others.

Features & Capabilities of th Lenovo Tab 4, 8 Inch Tablet


The Lenovo Tab 4, 8-inch tablet features a vibrant screen and enhanced audio, to immerse kids in the learning experience. You can set up personal accounts for all users if multiple people in the family will utilize the tablet. Some additional specs include the following.</p>

Visual appearance and image quality

With a 1280x800 resolution, display colors are vibrant, and images naturally pop from the tablet's screen. Great visual experience is achievable for watching, streaming, or utilizing the tablet for learning/educational purposes.


A powerful Dolby surrounds sound system allows users to utilize the tablet for several tasks. The quality speaker system will enable you to enjoy quality acoustics, without having to use headphones for crisp sound quality.


A Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor ensures seamless operation with this tablet. The 64-bit quad-core processor helps eliminate lapse or connectivity concerns. The Lenovo Tab 4, 8-inch tablet has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB built-in storage.


The slim design is just .32 inches thick and only weighs about .68 pounds. It is light, easily transportable, and is an excellent tablet for kids/adults who are on the go.



​/best-7-tablet/​​​Our Review Process

Of course, the capabilities, performance, speed, and teaching/gaming apps went into our review process for the top educational tablets. In addition to this, we took the price of the device into consideration. We also took into account the availability, the reputation/brand-name, and user reviews and ratings of all the tablets we have listed. Our integrative approach reviewed the tablets, their capabilities, and flaws as a whole, to help provide our verdict.

The Lenovo Tab 4, 8 Inch Table Target Audience/User

This tablet can be utilized by many people. It is perfect for kids who are in school and need an educational resource, which implements gaming and competition into learning. With different gaming and educational apps, your child will immerse themselves in the learning experience. The tablet offers extensive research tools as well. With parental guides, you can set limits on which sites your child can/can't visit. So, you ​should they are only using it for schooling while getting the most out of the learning experience.

The tablet isn't only limited in use for kids. For adults who want an entry-level model and price point, this is a great tablet as well. It has sufficient memory to store videos, music, and files. You can use it for work (installing Microsoft Office and other apps), or for viewing enjoyment. The excellent audio system and high-quality monitor provide a viable viewing platform for various forms of entertainment.

Although it is efficient as a learning tool and educational tablet, adult audiences can also benefit from using this tablet for work or play.

Price and Where to Purchase

The Lenovo Tab 4, 8-inch tablet costs between $115 and $130. It is available for consumers to purchase directly through Lenovo's website, Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg.

Comparable Tablets

There's fierce competition in the tablet market. Lenovo has carved itself as a leader in the industry. Here we'll review a few top competitors/brands which offer children's tablets. Before choosing a specific model, parents should consider a few of these tablets as well.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 relies on Alexa technologies and voice commands, making users' lives easier. It features 32 GB built-in memory and 1.5 GB of RAM. You can choose to upgrade the tablet with special offers. That includes unlimited access to gaming apps, movies, and songs. There are several kid-friendly games and learning apps. Parents can also utilize parental controls.

To receive the upgrades and "free" movies and games, you do pay a premium price for the tablet. Additionally, the processor isn't upgraded from the Amazon 7 and is still a quad-core 1.3 GHz.



The Kurio Tab Advance utilizes Android 4.4 OS and features separate child and adult user modes. It features customizable user-options and password protected account settings. Parents can utilize the parental locks to limit the sites your child can visit. You get over 90 apps with the purchase of the tablet, to enhance the learning experience.

Some owners complain about the USB charging cable coming loose after a few months' uses. Many claim it doesn't hold a charge well.



As the name implies, a tablet specifically designed with your kids in mind. It features Alexa, and for Amazon Prime members, you can access free games, movies, and TV shows. It also has built-in parental controls and safety settings. A massive 10-inch display is vibrant, and the tablet is available in 32 or 64 GB models. A 1.8 quad-core GHz processor is an upgrade to the Amazon 7 and 8 Tablets.

The tablet is lacking a bit regarding the educational apps. You can download from the app store, but there aren't many built-in educational apps for kids.



The tablet features 8 GB expandable memory, and you can set up to eight user profiles. It has a blue bumper exterior, to provide full support if the tablet falls on the ground. Several parental mode settings are allowing you to monitor use and restrict site access. You can upgrade memory up to 32 GB. It comes loaded with single-play games and educational apps.

The tablet doesn't offer as much expandable memory as competitors. A higher price tag is also going to dissuade many buyers, and less-known name-brand isn't as attractive as other tablets.



LeapFrog is a leader in children's technologies. The LeapPad 3 is an educational gaming tablet for your kids to immerse themselves in learning enjoyment. It is suited for kids age three to nine. A 5-inch capacitative touchscreen is extremely responsive. The wifi tablet includes several preinstalled gaming apps. And, has 4 GB internal memory capacity built-in. It features the LeapSearch tool. LeapSearch is a tool allowing parents to search games and apps for specific educational training.

It has a much smaller screen at 5 inches than competitor tablets. It is relatively high in price, considering it is intended for younger audiences as well.



The children's tablet incorporates learning and enjoyment into one package. It comes with 650 educator learning cartridges. These cartridges give your child access to various materials and subject-matter in an enjoyable format. It features a kid-tough design. The rugged exterior and padding can withstand drops, bumps, and dings when your child is playing with it. 18 apps are available at the time of purchasing your new tablet.

The screen size is small in comparison to other tablets. It is also a little pedestrian in the use of cartridges, rather than strictly app-based educational tools.



This 7-inch Android tablet is extremely child-friendly. It is made for kids age three to nine and has the Just for Me Technology. The Just for Me Technology is made explicitly by LeapFrog featuring over 1000 apps, learning modules, and teaching tools for kids. It features a durable design and a vibrant LCD touchscreen. The monitor is very user-friendly and responsive. The exterior green bumper protects the tablet from damage if it falls.

The age range is lesser than that of competitor tablets. There are some preset apps. However, you pay a premium rate for the learning academy (which is $7.99/month).



The tablet has a 10.1-inch screen size and 1.4 GHz quad-core processor. HD display and Sony surround speakers allow you to immerse in listening and educational enjoyment. The tablet comes in either 16, 32, or 64 GB varieties. It has multi-account settings. It also features parental warnings and controls to limit site access for your kids.

This tablet is not specifically for kids. Although there are some gaming and educational apps, it is a multipurpose tablet. If you are strictly shopping for educational purposes, it might limit its use in the educational spectrum for some. The Lenovo Tab 4, 10 inch tablet is a little larger than the 8-inch version.



This tablet has a 1.3 quad-core GHz processor. It has 16 GB storage built-in and a green exterior bumper around the display for protection. Owners gain full access to the LeapFrog Learning academy with over 1000 games/educational apps. A 7-inch display is comparable to most educational tablets. Kids have instant access to hundreds of educational games. Parents have the peace of mind in knowing they can there are parental features to limit site access. The screen is also shatter-free.

The limited age range of three to nine years limits which child can benefit from using the tablet for educational purposes. Likewise, the tablet does not allow you to adjust screen brightness levels either. Low light/brightness settings make it tough to utilize in some conditions.



Pros & Cons of the Lenovo Tablet

When considering the Lenovo Tab 4, 8-inch tablet, you need to consider all aspects of the product. Let's review some of the pros and cons of this learning tablet here.


  • You can set individual password settings for each family member
  • Easy to set parental locks/controls
  • Kid-friendly options
  • Check Circle
    It includes a shock-resistant bumper 


  • It is only available in black
  • The front-facing camera is only 2-MP
  • Speakers are nestled
  • Isn't as fast as newer Android models/tablets available

Additionally, the tablet features the KIDOZ app. This is a content discovery platform for kids which distributes apps, games, and learning content.

Our Verdict

If you are strictly shopping for an educational tablet, the LeapFrog Epic might be the best option. Although you pay fees for using the LeapFrog Academy feature, it has the most educational apps. It also features parental locks. A major drawback here is that the tablet is for kids age three to nine. So, your child will outgrow this tablet quickly.

For parents shopping for a multipurpose tablet, there are many options. Overall, the Lenovo Tab 4, 8-inch tablet is the one to choose. Excellent audio control, several user account settings, and parental locks. It allows you to download apps for education as well. Additionally, it does not have age limits/restrictions like other tablets. The tablet is reasonable in price, in a competitive market. It operates on the reliable Android OS. And, you can upgrade memory if you plan on utilizing the tablet for various purposes.

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