LeapFrog Epic: Review And Guide to Fun Learning for Your Kids

If you're having a hard time reaching your child when trying to teach them new lessons you aren't alone. Fortunately, the LeapFrog Epic tablet and other tablets like it can help parents with that. Tablets can make learning fun for kids. They are great interactive tools. Also, instead of boring worksheets, your kids can play games on the tablet and learn at the same time.

These fun learning games capture your child's attention and make teaching them a whole lot easier. However, you want to make sure that tablet you purchase does what it says it does. The tablet industry is highly competitive. Manufacturers are working diligently to incorporate the best features, processor speeds, and usability models, to sell their product. As a parent, you must consider several models to find the best product.

LeapFrog Overview

LeapFrog is a technology company that focuses on education and entertainment. The company was founded in 1994 and has been a go-to for parents who want their children to learn while having fun for over twenty years. The LeapFrog Epic tablet is one of their latest educational tools, and it is pretty cool.

LeapFrog Epic features and specs

The LeapFrog Epic tablet features a 1024x600 resolution screen that is very clear and has a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A sizeable seven-inch touch-screen makes it easy to navigate with your child's fingers or a stylus pen. Also, if you are worried about your child throwing it and shattering the screen, you can breathe easy because the screen is shatter-free.

The tablet lasts more than seven hours if you fully charge it. And it is pretty fast for a kid's tablet thanks to its 1.3GHz quad-core processor. Additionally, the LeapFrog Epic tablet has 16GB internal memory capacity and can expand to 32GB. It allows children to download and save more apps for online learning and enjoyment. The operating system is Android, and it has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n connectivity. Along with all of that, there is a 3.5mm stereo jack for audio sound, and it has a built-in microphone feature as well.

The tablet is compact and lightweight. Its dimensions are 9x6.38x1.02 inches, and it weighs under two pounds. The recommended age for users is three to nine years of age. That makes it the perfect tablet to help your child learn essential skills as they develop cognitive thinking and reasoning skills.

When purchased directly through LeapFrog, the tablet includes a removable green silicone bumper (with extra-grip). You also receive a stylus pen, a USB charger and wall adapter, the quick start guide, and the owner's manual.

LeapFrog Pros and Cons

You're going to base your decision on many variables when purchasing a tablet for your child. Parents must consider the pros and cons should when comparing tablets. That will help in your decision-making process when comparing the LeapFrog Epic against other competitors' products. We've put together a short list of the best features, and customer complaints online. Using these factors, you'll find it easier to compare tablets. And, you will eventually choose the best product for your child's learning and growth development.


  • It comes with $175 preloaded LeapFrog Academy app
  • It features parental controls and time locks, so you can control how long your child's online
  • There are intuitive guides for children 3 to 6 years of age
  • 480p video recording capabilities
  • It has learning skill, development, cognitive, and behavioral apps
  • Check Circle
    Subjects include science, math, history, reading comprehension, spelling, counting, and others
  • Check Circle
    Award winner
  • Check Circle
    Has parental controls with the LeapFrog LeapSearch browsing app


  • The high price-tag for an entry-level tablet
  • The processing speeds can lag or lapse with faulty connectivity
  • After three months, you pay $5.99 per month for LeapFrog Academy
  • Some of the games and apps are a bit pedestrian for older children using the tablet.

Our Review Methodology

In reviewing the LeapFrog Epic against other tablets for children, we relied on different criteria when rating the tablet. We considered pricing, features, add-ons, learning modes and the intended ages for the apps. Additionally, we looked at reviews from real people who purchased it and listened to what they had to say.

Overall, we give the LeapFrog a leaping rating of 

Competitors in the Children's Tablet Marketplace

The marketplace has so many manufacturers selling children learning tablets and electronic devices making it difficult to choose just one. In addition to the LeapFrog Epic, these are a few top brands for parents to compare, before making the purchase decision.

You can't go wrong with a tablet manufactured by Amazon. The Fire 7 kids edition tablet is a great developmental and learning tool. You receive a kid-proof case with the tablet and a two-year, worry-free guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the tablet you receive a refund, no questions asked. It has a large seven-inch IPS display, and 16 GB of internal storage.

Some of the pros of owning this tablet include the one-year FreeTime subscription. The Amazon FreeTime subscription gives users access to thousands of kid-friendly apps. Movies, TV shows, games, and books are available for download through this service. You have access to over 15,000 apps, games, videos, and books on this tablet. It also has a micro SD slot, allowing the memory to be expanded up to 256GB. The tablet is available in blue, pink, and yellow. It also features flexible parental controls. You can choose what sites your children can visit, and you can set time-use limits.

Some of the cons include the automatic renewal of FreeTime. If you don't cancel after the one-year free trial, you're automatically going to see the service charge on your bill. The mono speaker and built-in microphone aren't the best quality for a tablet. The wifi usage will impact the battery life immensely. So the more browsing your child does, the less power/time they'll get on a single charge. Users also complain that the tablet stops holding a charge after a certain period.

Overall, however, the reviews were positive, and it is rated




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This tablet features an eight-inch IPS display touchscreen. It also has 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage which is expandable up to 32GB. It operates on the Nand Flash Android operating system. Kidoz comes with the tablet as well. It gives your child access to Disney content online. An exclusive case design and stylus come with the tablet at retail price.

A major perk of this tablet is the Kidoz app; it makes Disney movies and games available at your child's fingertips. There are hundreds of games and learning apps to consider. The screen has a 178-degree viewing angle. The resolution is 800x1280 and has crisp, vibrant colors. The tablet also comes with a stand for better viewing when laying down. Kids can handwrite or draw on the tablet with their stylus pen.

Some cons were written by owners in their reviews as well. Some complain that the stylus pen isn't very intuitive and not as responsive as finger/hand touch. The screen isn't as sturdy as other tablet models. It doesn't have a shatter or crack-proof screen. If your child drops the tablet, it is prone to damage. It is not as sturdy or shatter-resistant as other tablets on the list. Adding a screen protector is advisable.

Despite the negative reviews, most parents are happy with it and rated it




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Ideal for younger children, this 5-inch tablet is compact and easy to use. The learning tablet is specifically meant to serve as a learning tool for kids. It comes with the Wings First Step Program. This program covers letters, counting, and tracing educational tools. The tablet is perfect for kids pre-k and younger. The Wings Program is intended to help your child develop confidence and learn the basics at an early age.

The tablet features may positive attributes. It contains more than 30 preloaded apps and games. There are puzzles, counting games, matching, and first words games. For younger children, this is a viable tool to help them learn the foundational basics. Your kids can watch movies and TV shows on the tablet as well. It is kid-safe out of the box, and you can set additional parental controls. The tablet has built-in data protection.

One of the major cons is the simplicity of the tablet. If your child is six or older, the tablet might not be the best option for them. It also has a smaller screen than the others. At nearly two pounds, the tablet is a bit bulky given the smaller screen size as well. The resolution is 800x480, which is far lower in quality than the competitors on the list. It doesn't come with a stylus pen either, which is a primary feature included with other models.

It has a mid-rating at




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focuses on education and entertainment

great developmental and learning tool

makes Disney movies and games available at your child's fingertips

the program covers letters, counting, and tracing educational tools

Our Verdict

If you want a tablet which will peak your child's interest in learning, the LeapFrog Epic is a great option. It is intuitive, sleek, and features a wide range of learning apps, games, and developmental tools. Best of all, it will help your child begin the developmental and cognitive learning models at an early age. Although it does cost a little more than competitor tablets, the additional $175 of free, upgraded apps, and the three-free months of LeapFrog Academy trial, offset the price. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

If your primary focus in purchasing the tablet is to help your child develop an interest in learning, the LeapFrog Epic tablet delivers. Backed by a leader in children's online education is a bonus. If you're on the fence between this and other tablets, consider the upgrades offered, making this a leader in the children's tablet market.

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