girl looking at a tablet

Nabi Elev-8 Tablet Review: Is It Right For Your Kids?

The Nabi Elev-8 tablet has a lot to offer kids. But how does it stand up to the iPads and Amazon Fire HD 10s of the world?
Kurio Tab 2

Kurio Tab 2: A Comprehensive Product Specification Review

The Kurio kids tablet is a family-focused device that gives parents many control and monitoring options. The Kurio 2 kids tablet is full of features.
Sphero Ollie Robot

Sphero Ollie Robot: A Great Robot for Your Children

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Cozmo Bot

Anki Cozmo Bot Detailed Product Review

The Anki Cozmo bot has its own personality and is very smart that not only makes it an educational toy, but a friend to your kids.
Child is shocked and surprised looks on the tablet in the dark night. Boy pushed his glasses up after seeing on the screen.

Asus ZenPad S 8.0: Should You Buy It for Your Kids?

Asus ZenPad S 8.0 can easily rival the Apple iPad when it comes to looks and performance but without the ridiculous price tag. Buy it for your kids!